Maintaining a healthy lawn here in Northeast Florida is easier said than done. Keeping your lawn well-manicured is a great way to impress your neighbors or even increase the property value of your home, but it can be difficult to figure out exactly what your lawn needs. Keeping your grass green and your shrubbery shining is all about consistency and care, but at the most basic level there are three main components that your yard cannot do without. 

Your Lawn Needs Water

It shouldn’t be a surprise that water is one of the most important things a plant needs to survive, but giving your plants the right amount of water regularly isn’t as easy as it sounds. In many parts of the world, keeping your yard hydrated might be the most difficult part of lawn care, but we often face the opposite problem here in Florida. With an average of 50.2 inches of rain year-round (nearly 20 inches over the national average), in some parts of the year watering your grass would only be doing it harm. 

Not allowing your yard to dry out can lead to what is known as ‘brown patch fungus’ and can damage your grass if it’s not taken care of. In the event of a drought, a great way to tell if your lawn needs water is by looking at the individual blades of grass. When a lawn is well hydrated, the blades will be open and deep green. When the grass starts to dry out, the blades will fold longways to preserve water, giving your yard an unkempt appearance. 

Sunlight is Essential to a Lawn

Big shady trees are great. They keep your house nice and cool, add beauty to your home, and can even save you money on your AC bill. While the shade might be great for you and your wallet, it is not doing the lawn underneath any favors. Too much shade can lead to dead grass spots in the yard, and more often than not, homeowners will try to replace the dead sod before attacking the root of the problem. Both Zoysia and St. Augustine grass need between 4 and 6 hours of sunlight every day. If your lawn isn’t getting that much sun, it may be time to consider trimming the tree above or finding a suitable plan B for the area of dead grass below such as a patio. 

Fill Your Lawn With Nutrients

Keeping your grass well-fed is a matter of keeping the soil rich and full of nutrients. Having a quality fertilizer is important but knowing the proper times and amounts to feed your lawn is what makes all the difference. In the same way that eating two big meals a day is worse for you than eating several small meals, feeding your lawn only one or two times a year is not as effective as feeding it multiple times throughout the year. 

Find Lawn Services in St. Augustine

Every homeowner that takes pride in their lawn strives to achieve a lush, green, and welcoming lawn. The easiest way to achieve that goal is by making sure your lawn gets the food, sunlight, and water that it needs when it needs it. At RightWay Integrated Lawn and Pest Solutions, our lawn care professionals develop a plan tailored to your lawn to maximize the effectiveness of our services. Our team of local lawn care professionals has years of experience caring for and maintaining healthy lawns here in Northeast Florida. If you are looking to take your lawn care to the next level, book an appointment today for lawn care services done the RightWay.

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